Puppy Chow Popcorn

We've all had puppy chow before (I hope).  I'm sure we've all also had those weak moments when we need dessert, but don't have the ingredients, right?  Maybe? Luckily, weak moments lead to delicious dessert creations.  We didn't have any Chex in the house, so racked my brain for a solution. … Continue reading

Waffle Puppy Chow Snack Mix

Thanks to Averie's genius self, I was able to make and eat a ridiculously addicting snack mix with waffles in it. Basically, it tastes like puppy chow with a different texture and buttery waffles instead.  So basically, puppy chow on steroids, which I didn't think was possible.  I found … Continue reading

German Chocolate Puppy Chow

It's cold outside and I just want to stay under the covers all day, watch movies, and eat German Chocolate Puppy Chow. If you like puppy chow and you like coconut and you like German chocolate cake, you should do the same.  Even if it's warm where you are.  It's just the right thing to … Continue reading

Cake Batter Puppy Chow

I'm sure, if you have Pinterest, that you've seen this recipe all over.  That's how I found it, at least. I got addicted to Pinterest last year in one of my classes.  It was a lecture class and we sat in front of computers for 1 1/2 hours... what was I supposed to do?  My professor … Continue reading