Coconut Cream Cheese Balls (AKA Heaven)

I love my new town! It’s full of Victorian houses, side roads filled with gravel, a cute little downtown of “mom and pop” stores, greenery everywhere, etc.  But, the best part about it is the feeling I get when I drive around the area.  For me, it’s a sort of nostalgic feeling.  I couldn’t describe it […]

Caramelized Pecan Banana Bread

Hey, friends! Sometimes I get on Blogger with the intentions of posting a really awesome recipe, I get to the “New Post” page and realize, “Wow, I really have nothing interesting to write about.” And then I sit here… and I sit here… and I sit here… and still have nothing interesting to write.  Sometimes […]

Passover Pecan Brownies

I received an email from Osem…  I almost deleted it, but I was interested because I had never heard of Osem before.I checked it out and they’re a large provider of kosher foods.  Kosher means that something is “meant to be eaten” and kosher foods “conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law framework”.  Although I’m not […]

Easy and Addictive Crack(er) Toffee

I love baking. I really, really do. But sometimes, I need to make something fast.  Something easy. If you can believe it, I sometimes use box mixes… and store-bought frosting… and sometimes, I even buy cookies from the store. Crazy right? Well, when I’m in the kitchen baking in my high heels and apron and […]

Date and Pecan Drops {Healthy Recipe}

I’m feeling a little blah right now.  Ever since Kellen and I got back from New York, my mind has been elsewhere.  I’ve had no motivation to exercise, do homework, or work.  I’m just super ready for summer to roll around.  This cold weather at the start of “spring” isn’t helping either! When I start […]

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