White Chocolate Frosting Blondies (Frosting in the batter!)

I used to do this thing where I ate when I was sad or upset.  A lot.  I didn’t know why I did it, but I did.  Baking became a hassle for a while because I knew that every time I did it, I would eat way too much of what I was making, but […]

Low Cal Blondies

This dreary and dark weather is really messing with my food photos. Once I learned that natural light was the best way to photograph food, I quit using flash for good!  I even quit baking at night and started baking in the morning so by the time I got finished, I could use the natural […]

Banana Blondies with Nilla Wafer Crust

I was leaving Wal-Mart the other and while I was standing in the checkout line, I was looking at all of the items in my cart.I glanced at the Nilla Wafers and had a revelation.  My mind said “Katie, make banana blondies with Nilla Wafer crust.”So I did.Make fun of me if you want, but […]

Chewy on the Inside, Crunchy on the Outside Mint Chocolate Chip Blondies with Chocolate Drizzle

So is the title long enough?  If not, tell me because I can definitely think of more adjectives for these delicious blondies!! They are exactly as the title says:  chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside… they are also chocolate-y with a hint of mint and they have a delicious chocolate glaze that compliments […]

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